Saturday, September 09, 2006

Flapper Necklaces

Apparently, flapper necklaces are back in fashion, or so I was told. So I had some fun. :-) Did these two today. They are both quite long (the teal necklace is a bit longer though) and they hang beautifully.
The jade and gold necklace shimmers lovely and it's unusal with the gorgeous jade and gold rectangle beads. I added quite a few vintage beads and some connectors to make it interesting. I've tried it out on different coloured t-shirts and it works perfectly with cream, black, different shades of green, dark brown, chocolate brown, maroon and purple. All this season's colours.

Here's the necklace in more detail.

The teal necklace was made with copper findings and the large drop shaped beads have come all the way from China. They are framed in copper and look stunning all by themselves, but for such a long necklace I wanted to make it more interesting so I added more beads, including some beautiful vintage beads.
Here's the necklace again, but with a lot more detail. This time I couldn't do without the Magatama drops and just had to add a few.......


  1. These are lovely. Dont you mean 'flapper' ? !!!

  2. Yes, of course I meant 'flapper'. Ooops. Glad you noticed... Changed it quickly. LOL



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