Saturday, September 02, 2006

Myth and Legend - Titania, Queen of the Fairies

Midsummer Night's Dream must be my all time favourite Shakespeare play. Titania was one of the names suggested by my friend Alison for my Myth and Legends range, and I liked it so much I just had to make a necklace.

Here's a painting by John Simmons, Titania (1866):I imagined a lovely sumptuous necklace in a range of colours. Titania is the Queen of the Fairies with a very hot temper (which is how the hole Midsummer Night's Dream starts) and I felt that there needed to be a lot of red, however, I thought that as a fairy queen there had to be a bit of green for the woods and golden yellow.

Here's the result with even more beads than the other two. I've used as many different beads as I could find in my bead box and pulled it all together with Magatama drops in orange, yellow, reds and jade green. There are Swarovski beads, Indian beads, Venetian beads, Czech beads, Cloisonne beads, Cathedral beads, drops, daggers, and findings all in copper (fairies don't like iron) including stars, roses, and a butterfly in the centre, and, of course, semi-precious chips in malachite, carnelian, and garnet.

Here's more detail:

And here it is with even more detail:

This set is for sale, too. Although I'd like to keep them all, there's only so much jewellery I can wear. :-) I'd look like a Christmas tree if I'd wear them all....

If you are interested, please contact me.


  1. Hi Sybille,
    I think the colour scheme on the 'Titania Queen Of The Fairies' is lovely.

  2. Must take you ages to make adding so many elements!Penny.

  3. Hi,

    Thanks you two!

    It does take ages, but it's worth it in the end and I enjoy it. The Titania took me about 5 hours all in all.


  4. Interesting colour combinations make it a very unusual and attractive necklace


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