Saturday, September 02, 2006

New Designs for Winter: Red Shell Bracelet

I recently bought some red shells, because I love shells and the way they shimmer, but also because I thought they'd be nice in darker colours for the winter (although they of course work all year round). The shells are great quality and are available from BeadsNeedsUK, where they stock a great range of different colours at a good price.

The bracelet itself is a very simple design - red shells with Magatama drops in two sizes and three different reds: a translucent shimmery red, an opaque raspberry red, and a frosted lustred red (those are the small Magatamas the others are bigger. I've hung the shells and Magatamas from a blackplated medium chain and I think the look and feel is very organic. The bracelet also makes a lovely tinkling noise when you are wearing it.

Here's the bracelet in some more detail:

This bracelet is for sale, too. Heartbroken though I am, if you really, really want it ... contact me.


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