Tuesday, September 05, 2006

More shells

I've been busy today with the new blue shells I bought recently and some Magatama drops which arrived today.

The bracelet below is made with the blue shells, amethyst chips that have been threaded onto silver plated headpins and curled at the ends to create little spirals. (Thanks for that tip Rache!) I then added little Magatama drops in different shades of blues and different sizes to fill the spaces and to add texture. I love the effect! The blues work really well together and create a deep soft blue with purple and teal highlights.

Here's a detailed view:

Once I'd finished the bracelet I felt like making some matching earrings. I used a pretty connector and little bits of silver plated chain to hang a blue shell each in the centre, then added the same Magatamas and amethyst charms as I have done for the bracelet. The earrings shimmer and glitter beautifully and I really like them:

I did some stunning red ones, too, to match the red shell bracelet from a previous post with slightly larger drop shaped shells, but have mislaid them and can't find them anywhere. :-( However, they'll turn up again and I'll display them here when I've found them again.


  1. I do like these charm style bracelets, I think they look really effective in one colour. Toby made similar a few weeks ago using mother of pearl. Will upload the new images soon to show you!
    Best of luck with all your new designs, coming up to Christmas - hopefully a good selling time!

  2. The red is stunning and I love the butterflies


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