Thursday, June 14, 2007

Squares and Cubes - Earrings and Bracelet

Here's the rest of the set. Spent all evening till half past twelve at night to finish it.

Here's the bracelet in more detail. It looks so pretty and delicate in real life. For some reason it always look much heavier in the photo, however, these crochet wire creations are really light and delicate.

The earrings are quite long, but so light they're barely there. Lots of glam at very little weight.

Here are the earrings in a close-up shot.


  1. This makes for a lovely set, really glamourous. I like the colours very much and the slightly retro feel.
    Caroline x

  2. Beautiful set Sybille.
    Yes, I was suprised how light your crochet wire creations are in real life, they really are delicate. I was wearing my lovely black one again yesterday!


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