Friday, June 01, 2007

Today's Efforts - Green Hemp Bracelet

With one thing and another - like making flapjacks and sorting out the cupboard under the sink in the bathroom - this has only just been finished.

I thought after all the hemp necklaces I made it was time to make a bracelet. However, I wanted to make something that is different, soft to wear and pretty. I can't quite get away from the seaside theme though, and with all the new sea shells I've been buying, this is the result:

I have used lovely soft green hemp, a selection of small sea shells (the real thing, not plastic), and a few pink beads. I love this kind of leafy green in combination with pink. One of my all time favourite combinations - like turquoise/teal and deep red. The bracelet fits snugly around the wrist and due to the shells makes a pretty soft jingling noise. Comfortable to wear but a real show stopper because it's so unusual. I don't think I've seen anything like it, and I do look at a lot of jewellery.


  1. Are we on the same wavelength or what? Have a look at my blog Sybille, see what I made yesterday, they could be a matching set!
    I'm making something very pink at the moment - you aren't are you??
    Caroline x

  2. Very pretty Sybille, Toby just popped in and says he likes it too, so thumbs up from us!!


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