Friday, June 01, 2007

Another little bangle - Purple Icing

Been meaning to finish this ages ago. It only needed the two rows of lighter purple lace to be complete, but I just never got round to it. The bracelet is for my friend's daughter Kate who loves all things purple. The other bracelets I'd made were a) not purple b) to big, so I made this one. I've used lilac/silver lined and clear/pink lined beads in the centre and two different coloured purple wire for the frame/lace. There are actually two rows of lace but it's difficult to see. These bracelets look so much nicer in real life. Wire is really difficult to photograph.


  1. Anyone reading this, I saw some of Sybilles cuffs in 'real life' and they are really soft and delicate.

  2. That's pretty and frothy! Do you crochet over a piece of thicker wire to make a frame when you make these bangles?


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