Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Tattoo Madness

When I went to London with Ben to meet Toby and Penny, Ben and I went to Covent Garden first and Ben had a temporary henna tattoo done. He loved it so much that he wanted another, so I bought some henna on eBay. Here are my first two attempts with the original design underneath each tattoo.

This one is on his right hand.This one is on his left arm.

The biggest problem was to make Ben stay still. He didn't like that bit. I used free designs I found on the net and drew them freehand. Fingers crossed they'll come out okay. Now I just have to keep Ben from smearing the henna all over the sofa and not rubbing it off before time.


  1. Good luck with that -I tried henna tattoos in the past and got in a terrible mess! Let us see the finished result if you can pin him down long enough!

  2. Great job! I am a tattoo artist and have never tried doing henna on someone. I should try it out sometime! :)


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