Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Square Rings and a Thousand Flowers

Thanks to my friend David I now have a square rod to make square rings. :-) Which of course I used straight away to make a bracelet.

It wasn't quite as easy as I had imagined as the technique is the same as for jump rings, however, I pulled the wire a little too tight and then had no end of trouble and a big blister to get them off the square rod. In the end though I got them all off and bashed them a bit with the help of my son (who was very excited about being allowed to use a hammer) and my special gadget (the Bead Whacker or some such thing) which made the rings harder so they hopefully wouldn't loose their shape when I started the crochet.

The wire I've used is silver plated copper wire and bent perfectly in the square shape I wanted.

A little more silver plated copper wire (much thinner though) and some crochet and I had my links which I mixed with the most gorgeous clear and white square Millefiori beads. I am really pleased with the result as it's very different. The square rings give the crochet more stability and holds the square shape perfectly. It still looks organic but in a nice clean way.

Below is another close-up on a teal background which shows the lovely Millefiori beads better than the white background.

Got to make some more rings, in copper, black plated wire, and bronze to make more bracelets (and anything else that springs to mind at the time). Bought more square beads as well. AND I want to make a necklace to match the silver/white bracelet I finished today.


  1. Hi sybille,
    I really like the square crochet beads they are really unusual, and go really well with the millefore beads!

  2. I agree with Toby's comment, lovely work Sybille, looking forward to seeing more!


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