Sunday, June 10, 2007

Flowers in the Garden

We've been gardening today and yesterday but I just had to take some time to take pictures of the flowers and plants in my garden. Here's the best of the lot. I love roses, as will shortly become apparent. However, not just for their beauty, they have to smell lovely too.

This is a yellow tea rose with the most wonderful smell and it's growing right next to the pink one further down.

This is a close-up of my jasmin. I love close-ups where you can see all the detail and the delicate way the flower / plant is 'engineered'.

The following picture made it onto this page because I like the flow or movement by the three blossoms.My favourite rose in the garden: Blue Moon. It has huge wonderfully velvety flowers. Gorgeous.

This is the pink rose flowering right next to the yellow one. It's scent is just as heavenly and it's a pleasure just to walk past the two roses.

Here's another picture of the same rose, this time a side view that shows off the intense pink colour of the rose.

Some hollyhock that's trying to take over my garden, never mind how much it's cut back every year. It frames the back of my garden bench and the green and pink of the plant is a wonderful backdrop for the cream/black of the cast iron bench.

And here are a couple of pictures of the false castor oil plant in my garden. I love the large architectural leaves and the wonderful flowers it has in spring.

This view is from underneath up into the light. It shows the delicate veining of the each leaf.

This is a bunch of roses I collected today because the rose plant had decided to cover the front window so I needed to cut it down to let in the light again. Unfortunately, the picture was taken inside. I should have taken the vase outside to take a picture that shows the true beauty of the rose. Shame I can't share the lovely scent with you.


  1. Wouldnt it be great if you could have a 'scent blog' to share the perfume of your roses!

  2. Beautiful roses - you are lucky, mine got flattened by all the rain we had!


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