Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Shells and Black Glamour to Cheer Up a Miserable Day

When I arrived home from a miserable and very stressful day at work I found a parcel hidden away just for me. :-) It came all the way from Lancashire and contained the two necklaces I'd ordered from Toby. The most wonderful surprise to cheer up a grey day.

See for yourself:

This is the necklace featured on the Natural Attrill website and that I fell in love with straight away. It's like carrying a little bit of seaside around with you. All the lovely shells and beads, the different coloured hemp all work perfectly together. If I close my eyes I am somewhere on a beach - almost as good as a day out! ;-)

And here is a picture of the black and slate necklace Toby made to match the bracelet I got in a swap for the scarf I am making for Penny (promise, it'll be finished soon!). It's all very complicated this swapping business, but great fun. As Penny says, it's so much more fun to buy from an artist you know than from some shop... Far more personal and it's such a special feeling to know that someone sat down and made something just for you. :-)

Here's a close up of the beads used in the lariat style necklace and the bracelet together with the lovely box the jewellery arrived in.

This hemp jewellery is lovely to wear. I have another set in sea greens which I am wearing right now (picture on the Natural Attrill website) and a pink necklace that can also be worn as a bracelet.

The hemp is soft and silky, the beads are all chosen perfectly to match each other, including vintage and handmade beads and buttons, and the jewellery even makes a lovely sound when the beads click against one another. Check out the Natural Attrill site and order your own. I can only recommend it!


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