Friday, July 08, 2011

Japanese Qunince and (Meadow) Sweet (Dreams)

I love the intense colour of Japanese Quince in the Spring. It heralds all the good yet to come - sunshine, new life, summer...
My own photograph.
All other images/textures etc my own.
MCN: C7K5C-YG943-6Y9MP

Actually, I am not sure if it's meadow sweet, however, it's beautiful whatever it is. I love the ethereal quality of the 'flower baskets' and tried to convey that in the way I edited it. :-)
Photograph my own.
All other images/textures etc my own.
MCN: CXVUT-QJ687-19A43


  1. Lovely photos Sybille - I think the umbellifer is Cow Parsley also known as 'Queen Anne's Lace' - Meadow Sweet is creamier, frothier and has a warm, summer honey smell. x

  2. I'm afraid that's not Meadowsweet, it goes by the far less pretty name of Cow Parsley! It is one of my favourite-looking wild flowers though and I often paint it in country scenes because of it's lovely shaped delicate flowers & frondy leaves.
    Beautiful photos - you must have a very healthy quince, mine only produces a few blooms each year.


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