Monday, August 09, 2010

Seashells by the Seashore - Mobile

This is a present for Steve. It's his birthday today. :-)

The large shells and the razor clam shells plus the feather are from Holme Beach, the rest - recycled glass beads, sea glass, fossil, sea urchin and other shells and the lava cube beads - are from my stash. I've used two types of hemp, metallic thread and gunmetal wire to attach everything to the aluminium hand shaped hanger.

It was fun to make and I am considering to make some more. I'll have to go to the beach again to collect some more shells and feathers first though. If you're interested in a mobile like this, let me know. :-)


  1. Happy Birthday Steve! This is lovely, right up my street - half my house is filled with shells & beach-combing finds! I like the idea of the gull feather.

  2. What a lovely gift - happy birthday to Steve. Good luck with the beach combing. x

  3. Lovely!
    I hope Steve had a good Birthday.

  4. These are fab! What great ideas.


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