Monday, August 02, 2010


... well, maybe snapshots isn't quite the right word. :-) The images have been edited quite heavily with textures shot at the same location.

Days out...

Mildenhall (church)
We went to visit Radio Zeta 105.3 in Mildenhall... and to pass the time I took some pictures. I also got a little tour of the church and a view from the roof:
This was a door near the church.
This was one of the entrances to the church, with a small graveyard in front of it.

 I had to climb 144 steps to get close to this... all the way up a narrow winding stairs with VERY steep steps....
Holme Beach
Yesterday's outing included both Holme Beach and Sheringham.
The view across the wash.
 The view towards the sea across the tide lines.
 Another view across to the sea.
Sheringham is one pretty town.
View across the beach. It wasn't as deserted as it looks. With a little patience I managed to get a shot without people. :-)
I love the starkness of the breakers against the blue of the sea. :-) The day wasn't as sunny as it looks, but very hazy and overcast. The magic of editing and textures. :-)
This is actually a mix of four different shots - 3 seagull shots (the little beasts just vanished whenever I had my camera out), and a shot of the sea. Plus several textures. :-)

Click on each image to see more detail.

These are just a few of the (many) images I shot. Some will make it into my stock/textures gallery in my DeviantArt gallery, others will be available as prints.

With each of these images I've tried to capture the spirit of the place and how it made me feel rather than giving an 'exact' replication of what's there. 

My favourite ones are the last two. Which ones do you like best?

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  1. My favourites are the two doors and the one with the breakwater - looks like two very successful days out!


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