Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Quick update - Featured in the Treasury and Presents

It's been a busy few days - working on the allotment all weekend to get the soil ready and planted, knitting like mad to finish a birthday present and so on, and on....

However, I did have a nice surprise as my Dragon Lace wrist warmers are currently featured in a list for the Treasury West on Etsy. I am very pleased about that. :-)

Here are - as promised - the pictures of the wrist warmers and shrug I made for my sister. I hope they've arrived now.

Vanilla Wrist Warmers

My sister wanted a pair of white wrist wamers. I thought really, really white would be totally impractical so made them in Sirdar's Just Soya in a vanilla cream colour.

They are very simply knitted with a ribbed pattern and one single cable to hold their shape nicely around the wrist.

A few buttons in my sister's favourite colours jazz them up a bit.

The Just Soya yarn (really, it is made from soya) is one of the nicest yarns I've knitted so far. It's soft and holds its shape nicely and it looks great knitted up. I can only recommend it.

Emerald Shrug

It took forever and a day to find the right colour in cotton for this shrug. I ordered a few green yarns from the net before I managed to find this on

The shrug is knitted starting with the cuff, then all the way up to the shoulder with half the back. Then I did the same for the other side and grafted them together with Kitchener stitch.

The cuffs have button holes for the satin ribbon laced through it, which looks pretty but also means the cuffs can be adjusted for various wrist sizes.

The back also has button holes and satin ribbon laced through. Shrugs of this design often slightly balloon out at the back and this allows a nice snug fit that can be adjusted as required.

The collar was knitted separately by picking up the stitches all around the opening (and took forever as there were so many stitches, especially as the stitches increased every so often), but again, it looks nice and makes it easier to wear.

The yarn is the most gorgeous (true) emerald green and was held double. It was lovely to knit with and drapes nicely.

I am currently working simultaneously on a present for a friend and a top for myself.


  1. Well done! They are such pretty wristwarmers they deserve a bit of recognition. Hope your sister is pleased with her lovely gifts..

  2. Oh I wish you wouldnt keep showing these wrist warmers, it's so tempting! I love both of these new ones, but, I have the lovely pair you made for me already and I dont really need anymore.

  3. Penny, I think I've got four or five pairs. I keep making more in different colours because they're so useful - even in Summer! The soya and the silk and linen ones are really light and perfect for an early morning bike ride. :-)


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