Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Alison's Magpies

Alison sent me some pictures of magpies she's taken. She obviously knows I like them. I wonder what gave it away? ;-)

Here they are (posted with her permission):

Aren't the pictures great?

I have a thing about magpies, ravens, jays, rooks, and crows. They are such interesting birds and highly intelligent. Apparently rooks are able to use tools, and even to make their own tools. There was an interesting bit on the news about this recently. (Read it here.)

Make sure you have a look at Alison's blog - lots of great photos and amazing stories to go with them.


  1. Thanks for that Sybille, I have just been watching the experiments with the stones and the wire, really interesting, I didnt realise these birds were so clever.
    I'll pop by Alisons blog later.

  2. Those pictures are great! Yesterday we sat at our patio and I saw this magpie fly to pine and then it started chatting - I never knew how complex sounds they make! It was like listening to an early days computer space shooter with all the twirps, weird coos and other noises :D

    I didn't even think about selling the tags - I made them for friends. But yes, I can see that they might be something nice to sell - they are rather quick to make and are a nice medium... Hmm :) I'll see after we are done with the move.


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