Friday, June 19, 2009

An Award, for ME! :-)

Caroline, from Uniqart gave me an award this morning. What a lovely thing to wake up to:

And all the lovely things she said about me... My ears are still red! High praise indeed from such a talented artist who can even make potatoes look stylish. :-)

I am going to pass on the award to Toby at Natural Attril. He's a fantastic designer, not only for one so young but on any account. I greatly admire his focus and his business acumen, the latter of which is rare in artists, and he is lucky to have a talented mum who supports his ambitions and creativity.


  1. great!! thanks ever so much for passing the award on to me, i'll decide who to give it to next.


    well done to you too,

  2. A very well deserved award Sybille, I love your stuff as you know, especially my latest, the wristwarmers!
    Thank you for your kind words.


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