Friday, June 12, 2009

Life Returning to Normal and Mermaid Yarn

The computer is ALMOST back to normal. Got most of the programs installed but it took much longer than anticipated.... but thanks to the master of all arts black and mysterious I am getting there.

Sigh. That'll teach me not to rely on my hardware. I am really frustrated, because the hard drive was only just over a year old and I'd expected it to last longer.

Never mind. I am back and here are my latest creations.

This is the Sirdar Juicy yarn in various colours before I dipped it in the dye. The colours are lovely but very pale and I am not a pastel person....

.... so I made a little bath for the yarn and because the original colours of the yarn were different I got various shades of jade green. Reminds me of a mermaid. Not quite sure what I'll make with it. I am playing with the idea of making it into a freeform shawl - freeform is a mix of shapes knitted, crocheted and various other fibre arts mixed in to create a garment or piece of art that is not restricted by a pattern. The other option is a top.... Hmmm. I have almost 300g (nearly 600m ) of the lovely yarn and I am sure it will turn into something lovely.

I quite enjoy the whole yarn dying process. It's amazing how different various yarns react to the dyes and the depth of colour that can be achieved. I particularly like the fact that the colour is often not quite uniform which adds more interest to the yarn.

I got myself a couple more batches, this time of undyed yarn, which I'll dye hopefully next week.

My lovely boho-Chanel top is almost finished, one good thing about not having the computer to play with. Maybe. ;-)

Have a lovely weekend everyone and thanks for all the commiserations. :-)


  1. That was pretty yarn before you dyed it!! But it's even prettier now - lovely shades of marine.

  2. What a great idea to dye the Sirdar Juicy yarn. The jade green colour is lovely.

  3. Hi Sybille, I got here via blog. Those yarns are such beautiful colours, especially the jade. Sarah


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