Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Chrysanthemum the Ninja Bunny

... and sometimes pirate bunny....

My latest toy creation:


Chrys is not just any bunny, she's a special bunny with special moves and a bandanna that she sometimes wears...

... as her special eye patch, when she feels like being a pirate.

Not for the faint of heart, she is cute, feisty and a little bit wild.

She needs a very special home with a special little person to look after her.

Chrysanthemum has been made from soya (body), cotton (bandanna and embroidery) and merino Astrakhan yarn (her tail and the little fluffy bits on her ears). She is stuffed with 100% lambswool and soft and squishy. You can wash her gently in warm water with a little bit of special delicates washing liquid. Leave her to dry and she'll be good as new, but make sure you wash the bandanna separately as this has been hand dyed and might make her lovely vanilla colour go pink. She wouldn't like that. Really, she wouldn't.

Chrysanthemum is about 15cm (6") tall and she'll be waiting in my Etsy shop sometime later this week for someone to give her a loving home.

Note: This toy is not suitable for very small children due to the buttons on her face and the bandanna.


  1. Heehee, you have a knack for this! I love her with the eyepatch on, so cute! Hope she finds a suitably good home!

  2. Aha Cap'n! Avast thee, thats one fine bunnie.......shame she's gonna get it from my VAST ARMY OF MONKIES!!!!!

  3. I like her with the eye patch as well.
    Nice work Sybille!

  4. Hmmmn, vaguely reminiscent of a furbie!?! ( in a nice way though...) =D


  5. she s such a cool bunny with the eye patch


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