Monday, May 11, 2009

Penny's Wrist Warmers

Penny from Natural Attrill commissioned me to make her a pair of wrist warmers. We decided on the most wonderful Habu silk mohair (60% and 40% mohair) which I knitted to specification.

The design is very simple with purl on the front and back with a single cable keeping the wrist warmers tight around the wrist. There are a few rows of ribbing at the top and a single row of crochet at the bottom to keep the wrist warmers tight around the top and bottom.

You can see how light and fluffy the wrist warmers are! In fact, they weigh less than 25g and are as soft as eider down.

They are intended for use all year round inside the house and out and they can be worn with the cable on the front or back and even inside out.

You can commission wrist warmers too. Prices vary depending on design and yarn but are around £20 plus P&P.


  1. Well done - this yarn is so gorgeous, they must be like wearing a tiny eiderdown!

  2. YES! they are wonderful - thank you so much Sybille.


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