Friday, August 25, 2006

Winter Collection

I've been busy sorting out my jewellery bits and pieces and got some new storage, which is a nice thing to do because whilst sorting through the whole of it you see what's actually there and come up with new ideas.

The lastest design is the silver plated bracelet below with different sized links that are connected in a similar way to chainmail and with silver filigree, pacific opal, and blue zircon Swarovski beads:

Here is the centre detail of the bracelet:

Ice - another necklace for my winter collection. The picture doesn't do it justice, however it's very difficult to photograph white/clear beads. I've used several different types of daggers and drops, including Magatamas, Czech facetted bicones - clear and frosted, lace agate, rock crystal, and moonstone chips, and a few glass beads (cracked glass and clear). The necklace is strung on a very thin silver plated chain with a pretty clasp and it sparkles and glitters like bits of ice in the sunshine.

Detailf rom the necklace:

From winter and ice to jewels. The following three necklaces are part of my new Jewel range. The colours of this range are deep and glowing, luscious and almost good enough to eat. :-)
All of the necklaces in the range are strung on black plated chain with black plated findings.

The first one reminded me of Egypt it's therefore called Nile Jewels. The centre bead is a beautiful black Venetian bead with gold and blue decoration. I chose the rest of the beads to match this one and they range from lustred Picasso beads in a golden amber to black/gold cathedral beads, gorgeous turquoise Swarovski beads to vintage glass beads and Japanese Magatamas.

Detail of the above necklace:
The second necklace in the Jewel range reminded me of the Middle Ages. Not sure if it was the centre bead (the leaf) or the colours, but it's medieval as far as I am concerned, so I called it Medieval Jewels. I've mixed different types of beads in greens, blues and golds. The effect is quite stunning and will work perfectly on pale winter skin.

Detail of the above necklace:

The final necklace is all in reds and purples and the combination reminded me of old Renaissance paintings. It's therefore called Renaissance Jewels. I've used all sorts of different beads in deep reds and purples with a few lighter mauve and lavender beads amongst the darker ones, and Magatamas in fuchsia and frosted lustred red to bring it all together.
Detail of the above necklace:

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