Sunday, August 20, 2006

This and That

A few items I created recently (as recently as last night) but had not time to showcase yet.
The brand new Purple Passion:

It's a delicious necklace made with real amethysts (chips and oval beads), faceted, twisted, and plain glass beads, a few vintage beads and seedbeads, my favourite Magatamas (in lilac in fuchsia AB coated), and as a centre piece a little pale lilac heart, all threaded onto black plated chain.

Fleur Blue:

This is another necklace inspired by the jewellery I saw in Nice. I've used Swarovski connectors and a flower slider with more little Swarovski beads in sapphire and a few Czech facetted beads and seedbeads in periwinkle and cobalt blue. The necklace is held together by oval and twisted links on a silverplated fine chain. Details can be seen in the two close-ups below:

And here are some very pretty matching earrings:
Before I went on holiday I indulged myself in some blackplated chain and findings and made the following pieces:

These earrings are really sparkly and lovely. The jade green spears are the same as I used in the "Bamboo" set (check out the previous post "Bamboo) and the blue ones are from the same source. I also used Magatamas in pale blue, Czech daggers and Japanese Myuki cubes.

The following set (earrings and bracelet) are made with Czech faceted and cathedral beads, leopard Picasso and lots of Giverny beads:

The bracelet in more detail:

This final set was made (only yesterday) to wear with my lovely silver bracelet from Ventimiglia (see previous post). The earrings (below) are made with white catseye beads, mother of pearls chips and a lovely Giverny drop bead which is hung from a tapered connector.

For the matching necklace I've used a beautiful pendant that is made of Mother of Pearl on one side and Abalone shell on the other (see picture at the bottom) which is reversible. I've used the connectors (the same as in the earrings) to hang the Giverny drops from. The chain is fine and silverplated with a pretty connector.

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  1. The reversible pendant is a great idea- two looks for the price of one =)


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