Monday, August 14, 2006

Bits and Pieces

Here are a few bits and pieces I made over the last month which didn't seem to fit in with anything else, mainly earrings. The first set of earrings is in greens and reds and part of my Winter Collection. They are very Christmas-y and cheerful with faceted and lustred beads in red and green.

The next set of earrings are just in reds with pearlised large drop shaped beads as the centre piece and smaller raspberry coloured faceted, dark red frosted magatama and lustred teardrop beads:

The following set of earrings is with lots of small red magatamas and one large red drop:

All of the above earrings are on black plated findings.

Below is my first hairclip with jet black faceted vintage beads, and a few seedbeads and other beads, all in black. It looks stunning when worn. I am very pleased with it. Especially for a first attempt...

This earring set is another one from my Winter Collection and I'd sold it before it was even put together completely. My friend saw them when she came round for lunch and just had to have them. A very special set with lots of unusual beads in different purples. Perfect for this year's wintter fashion. Watch this space for more if your colour is PURPLE.
More to come soon....

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  1. I dont really have the hair for it myself, but think its a nice idea making the hairclip, look forward to seeing more! P.


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