Sunday, August 13, 2006

Back from Nice

I've come back from my holiday in Nice a few days ago and a great time we had, too. It was lovely seeing my friend Alison again and finally meeting her two lovely kids.

After all the unpacking and getting everything back to normal I was bursting with creative energy and did a couple of necklaces inspired by our holiday.

I've made the first one with real sea glass collected at the beaches in Nice and Ventimiglia:

The second one was inspired by jewellery I saw in the shops in Nice. The most striking feature is the use of larger and smaller links for the chain:

I love the way the alternating big/small links of chain make the necklace look so different and in a peculiar way quite "light".


  1. How lovely to look around the shops in Nice, you lucky thing, hope you had a great time! Toby has also been making alot of pieces with different sized chains, must be a trend! Penny.

  2. The sea glass works really well

    In yourother new work ,I particularly love the heart blood-thats excellent


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