Thursday, August 17, 2006


... can't keep away and can't stop making new jewellery. Had some lovely findings and beads in the post from Rache, my favourite supplier, who also happens to make beautiful jewellery. Check out her site here: Rache's Jewellery Supplies. She sent me some gorgeous little roses and also some lovely silver discs which I can't get enough of. They are just so versatile and they add a beautiful sparkle to jewellery. Their effect is very similar to the little mirrors in Indian embroidery. Very neat.

To "celebrate" the new supplies I've designed a new set for my Winter Collection. I've named the set Innocence, because it's made with a silverplated quite fine chain, rose quartz chips and beads, glass and opalite beads and some Miyuki cubes and Magatama drops. To finish it of it includes some silver discs hung from little straight connectors and the tiny but beautifully formed little rose. Unfortunately, the discs look much darker on the images than they are in reality - just imagine little mirrors. :-)

Here's the necklace:

Here is a detailed photograph of the front which shows all the little beads :-)

The bracelet below:
The earrings:

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