Sunday, August 20, 2006


Today I went to the antiques fair in Linton, Chilford Hall. I had a great time looking at all the treasures and choosing the ones I just had to take home with me. There was so much: from old children's books to furniture to original Art Deco stair carpet clamps; and, of course there was jewellery. I'd gone to add to my selection of vintage beads, but what I did come home with was this:

I just couldnt resist this beautiful 1920s handbag. It's all beaded by hand with hardly any wear on it. The lining is near perfect and the handle has wonderful detail on it. I admit, I fell in love with it and it was just one of those things I absolutely had to have or I would have forever regretted it.

I also bought this gorgeous Edwardian diamonte necklace. It is quite short but perfect for all that. Not a single diamonte missing and it looks stunning on. Something else to treasure for years to come. :-)

This one was a real find. I don't normally wear anything remotely gold coloured and this is brass, but nonetheless such a beautiful Edwardian necklace I just had to have it. The brass is tarnished and almost has a silvery/pewter patina which means it looks good despite my reluctance to wear anything gold. I love the detail on it and the unusual way it uses diamonte, faceted beads and pearls all in one necklace. I wouldn't have thought of using diamonte, pearls and faceted beads in quite this way but the effect is very pretty.

And because it is so pretty, here the centre piece is in some more detail:

This Victorian Opaline necklace is one I will take apart. It's quite long and almost pretty the way it is, but it would need to be restrung as the string is quite fragile and the clasp has Verdis Gris on it and doesn't open and close properly. The glass beads themselves are wonderful and rather than the pink or golden glow most of these beads have normally, this one glows in a wonderful blue. It will make some beautiful new jewellery. Watch this space.

On a previous visit to another antiques fair I bought the following two necklaces, which one day I will take apart. The first one, the crystal necklace, is too short to be comfortable and I also think quite oldfashioned the way it is at the moment and the beads themselves are really beautiful and would work much better in a new arrangement.

I love the green necklace. It's stunning. The beads have a wonderful AB lustre and are perfect in every way. Again, I think the setting is a bit boring and old fashioned, however, I haven't had the heart yet to take it apart. It's been sitting in my treasure box for months, occasionally I'll take it out (like a dragon with its hord) and admire it. It's so beautiful....

The final treasure is the bracelet I bought in Ventimiglia, Italy, on my recent holiday. It was a real find and a real bargain. It's real 924 silver with Mother of Pearl inserts and a fairly modern design. A knowlegeable lady at the antiques fair today suggested that it was probably from the 1960s and another said she'd sell it for 3 (!) times what I paid for it. However, there's no way I am selling it, for starters it's a lovely memento of the holiday (little wave to Alison), it's lovely besides, and very pleasant to wear.


  1. That bracelet was a wonderful buy- and especially good value if its worth so much more than you paid for it.

  2. Hello! this is what we do all the time, search the antique markets, great fun isnt it! The crystal necklace, and the green one too, are just the kind of things we keep an eye open for. It is difficult to buy them at reasonable prices though. We only use vintage beads so it is expensive, but fun to hunt them out!


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