Sunday, August 13, 2006

Bracelet Mania

The last month or so I've started work on my Winter Collection. Yesterday was "bracelet day". I've made three very different ones.

The first one is called "Starry Night", and it conveys to me the feeling of a cold winter night with a starry sky. I've used several different star charms and a moon charm covered in more stars. The silverplated chain is covered in two different types of magatamas (Japanese drop beads), which I love using at the moment. They add a twinkle and sparkle to the bracelet, which (to me) makes it very different and special:

The second one is called "Snowflake" for quite obvious reasons. I love the big X shaped feature beads, they look like little bits of ice. It's a simple bracelet made with plain connectors and two types of snowflake charms with the clear feature beads adding a bit of "ice":

The third one is called "Skulls & Roses". It's very Gothic and romantic at the same time and I am very pleased with the way it turned out. Again, it's strung onto silverplated chain with magatamas adding sparkle to the chain itself and a few hematite coloured small daggers, jet black vintage faceted beads, cross, skull and rose charms anda few small AB coated jet black Swarovski bicones:

The final one was done before I went on holiday and it's called "Heart Blood". I love the effect of the two different types of magatamas (little Japanese drop beads) and the different heart beads dripping off the black plated chain:

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