Sunday, April 05, 2009

Spring Is Here - Magnolias, Cherry Blossoms and Hydrangea

I love Spring with all the signs of new life and Summer not far away. Some of my favourite flowers (or rather blossoms) in Spring are magnolias. Unfortunately, there are no magnolias in my garden - no space - however, a neighbour kindly let me take some pictures of the magnolia tree in her garden.


The waxy quality of the petals set against the hairy fluffy stems is just so pretty.

Cherry Blossoms

I also really like cherry blossoms. They are just so wonderful with the fragility of their soft pink petals set against the stark grey/brown colour of the branches and the first few dark red leaves showing.


I like hydrangeas in Spring. You get the dried up petals from last year's Summer set against the beautiful green of the new leaves, which just looks amazing. The leaves themselves are as pretty as the flowers - a deep intense green with spiky edges that are rimmed in a deep red.

I am planning to take some more pictures, hopefully this weekend of the plum tree in my front garden and more of my neighbour's magnolia tree. The magnolia blossoms will have opened more and the pink blush on the petals should have intensified.

On the knitting front... still working on the present for my baby sister but it is nearing completion. The leaf lace scarf is still waiting for my attention.

On the jewellery front... I've just ordered some interesting African fabrics which I shall put to good use soon. I've also found more fabric covered beads (like the ones used in the Spring in Paris necklace) and have plans for those.

Lastly, on 16th April my friend Caroline will be holding a jewellery party to raise funds for the MS Trust (see Sponsor Caroline and the direct link to her fund raising page at the top of the page). If you're in Cambridge or close to Cambridge and would like to come and aid a good cause, drop me a line and I'll let you have the details.

Keep watching this space.


  1. Lovely photos - isn't great that Spring is finally here in all it's glory! Love that cherry blossom against the blue sky....

  2. I love the photos- especially the fresh green hydrangea leaves


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