Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Jewellery Party Special - Summer In Nice

A while back, when I made Spring in Paris, Alison asked me when I am going to make a 'Summer in Nice' necklace. Well, here it is. :-)

Summer In Nice

Blues, from watery turquoise to deep teal blue:

I have used the most wonderful recycled glass beads, mostly from the African Fabric Shop, which have the most beautiful texture and colours. They almost look like sea glass. There's some info about them here.

I've combined the lovely beads with some ribbed gunmetal beads and matte black findings.

The pretty organza and taffeta flower sits on a vintage filigree that has been painted and 'be-glittered' by me and then covered in special varnish.

Here are some close-ups of the beautiful beads. The beads graduate in colour and size along the necklace.

Next to the flower is a little dangle with a dragonfly, again painted and 'be-glittered', a little altered lock and a row of teal glass pearls. Each of the little 'dangles' hangs from a different chain.

The main chain is the most beautiful deep blue (enameled) with a lovely texture and weight.

The necklace can be worn round your neck long, or you can wrap it round twice. It has a clasp which makes adjusting it much easier.

The necklace will be for sale tomorrow at the jewellery party. If it doesn't sell.... I might just keep it. :-)


  1. Very classy - love the colours and I especially like the versatility of the necklace. The flower is very pretty too.

  2. Lovely work Sybille! I esp like the glass beads, very pretty. I like that blue enamelled chain as well, not seen that before.
    Hope you raised lots of money at your party.d

  3. That is really beautiful and fits Nice well =}


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