Monday, April 13, 2009

Liquorice Jelly Bowl

This is my latest (finished) project:

Liquorice Jelly Bowl

It's made from black jelly yarn (which is made from vinyl) and it looks so yummy and glossy.

I wanted a bowl that looks good on the table and where I can keep my bits and pieces whilst working on them - needles, scissors, bits of embroidery cotton, pins, yarn etc.

The bowl has a rim of 'tentacles' all along the top. I was going to add flowers and leaves for decoration, but then decided it was pretty as it was and anything else would just distract from it's lovely glossy blackness. :-)

It can be washed (with hand warm soapy water).

There will be more of these in various sizes and colours. Check out for colours available. I am happy to make these to order. Depending on what else I have on it'll normally take a couple of days to make one of this size (rather large).

The large ones (made from 2 skeins of yarn) will cost around £20 plus P&P, smaller ones will vary depending on the amount of yarn used.


  1. Wow, that's cool! I think you should keep lemons & limes in it all the time, they look fantastic together!

  2. It looks brilliant- like its knitted form licorice shoe laces- lovely and yummy work =}

  3. What a good idea! a knitted bowl, fantastic! and I really like this liquorice jelly yarn.


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