Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Strawberry Fields - Shawl

Here's my latest shawl. I wanted a red one to wear in the Summer and I'd had my eye on a Feather & Fan lace pattern for a while. So here's my

Strawberry Fields Shawl

It's the perfect shawl as it can be worn in a variety of ways...

... it's the most gorgeous red colour which I achieved by holding together strands of Japanese Red and Petunia Pink Clara Brilhante cotton from, which have been great in sending my cotton very, very quickly. I even managed to finally get real emerald green cotton - I'd been looking all over for it. It's amazing how many people don't know their colours!!!

The shawl is quite long (1.70m) and it's wide and soft enough to be worn as either a shawl or a scarf. Perfect for a Summer evening or a cool Spring morning.

The two strands of yarn held together almost look like cotton chenille as the pink is slightly lighter than the red and therefore gives the impression of highlights like on chenille.

It was surprisingly quick to make - only 4 days - and that's including finishing. If you want one, check out the colours here, and then let me know which colours you'd like. Keep in mind that I will need two balls of yarn (either in the same or two different colours) and about 500m (altogether) as the yarn is too thin to be knitted with just one strand, if you want a shawl that can be worn all year round.

Depending on the yarn you choose the shawl will be between £25 and £30. The cotton is colour fast and can be washed easily.


  1. What a mouthwatering colour! Looks fantastic - feather & fan is such an effective stitch.

  2. this is very pretty and such a lovely colour :0))


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