Friday, April 17, 2009

Big Day - Update

The party went well last night. Lots of people came and shopped, and Caroline is that much closer to her target for the fund raising.

It was an enjoyable evening, although some people were obviously put off by the showers, I bet they would have come if they'd known how much fun it would be.

I spent my time mostly with Teresa from Rococo in Sawston as I shared the same room with her and bought one of her gorgeous hats. I'll try and get website details from everyone else who was there and post them here too as there was another jeweller - Luisa Corbelo - and Catchlight Photography and a physiotherapist.

It was hard work too and I am tired today and I still have to tidy everything away again... too late last night to do that.

You can still donate to Caroline's fund raising efforts and the MS Trust by using the link at the top of the page on the lefthand side. Just click on the MS Trust logo.


  1. I'm really glad it went well and that you had fun doing it

  2. Hi Sybille, it was nice to meet you at Caroline's party. Sorry we didn't have the opportunity to talk much but I did admire your lovely things. You're so creative!
    I checked your website(s)!, thanks a lot for mentioning the photographers in your blog, that's very kind. Our names are Adriana and Stephen from Catchlight Art Photography
    I hope the party went well for Caroline and her fundraising effort.
    Hope you're enjoying the nice weather!



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