Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Commissions from Jewellery Party

Pear Blossom Earrings

To match the original Pear Blossom Set.

I've used slightly less verdigris and more acrylic varnish on the earrings as I was worried about the verdigris touching the sensitive skin round the neck, however, they're still a good match and will darken over time.

Willow Earrings V 2

See the originals here. The Willow earrings were a great hit at the charity event at Caroline's house. I sold the originals and got a commission to make another pair.

These are slightly different as I changed the flower for a different one and the leaves are handmade (cut from copper, hammered and bashed and scraped and scratched for texture and then filed and sanded to avoid sharp edges).

Warrior Princess Set

The earrings were commissioned to match the bracelet I made a while ago. I was sure I'd posted here before and then couldn't find it anywhere. Odd!

The earrings are more delicate than the bracelet as they would have been too heavy. I used new lovely faceted cathedral beads with copper detail to match the original emerald green bead in the bracelet.

Here's the original bracelet which I had to make slightly smaller. It has always reminded me of something I'd imagine a warrior princess to wear. It's bold and it's strong and it's lovely. The oxidised copper works really well with most skin tones as there's a lot of variation in the colour.

The beads used in this are both vintage and each has it's own charm. One is similar to a tigereye bead with darker and lighter striations and the other one is a deep dark emerald green with gorgeous facets.


  1. Love the aged just-washed-up-on-the-beach look to the first pair of earrings. The willow earrings are so pretty - remind me of dragonfly wings. Warrior Princess was always a favourite of mine - glad it has a home!

  2. The willow earring are absolutely beautiful.


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