Monday, June 02, 2008

Names and thoughts

What's in a name? How do you decide on a name for your creations?

I bet, you're going through the same thought processes as me:
  • There's, of course, the obvious one - it looks like this, therefore it should be called that, e.g. the leafy blue earrings from one of the previous posts.

  • Then, there are those instances where something just turns out to be something, which usually happens when I experiment with shapes - like the Moonflower from the previous post.

  • There are also those pictures or jewellery designs that start off with a name (and the internal visualisation to go with it). This worked for me with the Roman and Wave Bangles and the Stargazer Lily Earrings and Necklace.

  • And then there are the ones that don't look like a 'thing' but are a concept or an idea, like True Love. That one I made and when it was finished that was what it 'felt' like. When I made True Love Too, I'd started with the idea of making something similar because the heart necklaces are popular, however, I didn't want to call it True Love Two, as it didn't 'feel' like my true love but it felt like it might be someone else's.

Confused yet? Try and explain how you come up with your names then!

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