Thursday, June 05, 2008

The Sea in a Nutshell

My latest creation.

Funny things, names. This one started off with a starfish made from copper. Sea theme. So far so good. I made some pebbles (I thought) from off-cuts and texturised them and played with them using my new toys... Hmmm. After that they looked like little nutshells rather than pebbles. At which point I came up with the idea to call it "The Sea in a Nutshell". :-)

Above is a close-up of the starfish - cut out from copper sheet, textured, filed, torched to give it colour, shaped using my new toys, and finally filed and sanded again to make sure all the rough edges are gone. I've hung it from handmade large and small copper rings and a bayong wood ring I bought recently on Etsy. The bead you can also see on the picture is picture jasper in a lovely very pale blue-green with black and brown flecks.

Above is the "dangle" that goes through the wood ring to close the lariat. The lariat is infinitely adjustable, on a slim neck it will go round twice.

At the front of the picture you can see the lovely ceramic bead I swapped with Toby from Natural Attril and a little handmade (by me) copper fish. You can also see my 'nutshells', some lovely pale blue wooden beads (from my London trip), a star limpet shell, a ring top cowrie shell and some seeds strung in a circle.

Above is shown part of the actual "chain", strung with coconut spiral beads, another cowrie shell, bayong wood bead (disc), a round redwood bead, lovely ebony wood beads and a spotted horn bead, and some seeds that have been turned into beads. To add more texture I've also added bits of chain.

Above is another close up of the wooden ring and some of the beads on the chain.

I am really pleased with how this turned out. It's fluid, it's organic and has lots of texture and it really is 'the sea in a nutshell'. Hope you like it too. Available soon in my Etsy shop.

All the ebony, redwood and bayong wood beads are from this Etsy Shop: e & e bungalow.


  1. This reminds me of Greek beaches - you get lots of pistachio shells washed up and think they are proper shells until you pick them up! It's lovely, got a real feel of the sea about it - well done with the starfish too!

  2. Your new necklace looks so much fun and I loved how you incorporated all the difference pieces - wood, shells, your copper starfish (gorgeous!) together. It would make a great beach necklace worn with a gauzy dress.

  3. I love the way you are now making alot of elements yourself, especially that starfish, it's lovely!

  4. Beautiful starfish - great that you are using your new toys right away


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