Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Last Three

The last three of the re-drawings, although the two spiders I only re-touched as they went a little fuzzy when I scaled them. Didn't stop till gone past 1 o'clock last night.

Leafy L

I like the new design - although not drastically different - better. The colours are slightly more subtle and there is a little more detail. I might make more of these letters (possible a whole alphabet) and offer them on Etsy as prints or custom orders for names. Decided to have a 2nd Etsy shop for my prints. The flowers (orchids and bird of paradise) will be sold as prints as well.

Black Widow

It might have been quicker to re-draw it from sketch as the lines are so detailed and fine. However, it's done now and it looks as nice and clean (if not better) as the original.

Red Back Spider

Again, drawing from scratch may have been quicker, but this is still the original design just more than twice the size. :-) Very scary. LOL


  1. Hooray - well done! I love that 'L', a whole alphabet along those lines would be lovely.

  2. Looking good Sybille, bet youre glad they are finished now!


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