Thursday, June 12, 2008

My Lovely New Hat!!!

My gorgeous new hat finally arrived a couple of days ago. Another Etsy find. :-) Etsy is going to be my downfall... so many gorgeous things, so little time!!! ;-)


The Sweetheart Hat

It is absolutely gorgeous and can be worn lots of different ways - check out Terry Graziano's Etsy shop, she makes the most gorgeous, versatile hats. She also has a website and a blog, if you're interested in finding out more. The hat is made of sturdy denim with silky satin bows (one on the outside and one on the inside that allow adjustments to the hat) and a gorgeous silk lining in a delicious fuchsia pink.

The other hat I really, really liked was this one, called Maven... oh, and all the others!!!

The Sweetheart hat is the 2nd hat I bought on Etsy - I have real trouble finding hats 'off the shelf' as I have a small head and most hats are too big for me. The real clincher is that I love hats! Especially cloches.

The nice thing about buying things on Etsy is that you buy from the people who make the stuff you buy, which is far more fun than buying it from some high street shop and I found all sellers friendly and helpful. And it's so nice to have something that's been made just for you, especially if you have particular requirements...

The first hat I bought was from Boring Sidney - check her Etsy shop for pictures. Below you can see her Waves and Pretty in Pink hats. I bought the Black Velour Bow Cloche.

There is also a UK seller on Etsy who sells lovely little 'hatlings' - Kankalin Hats. If you have a good idea why I would need a hatling, please tell me, I am desperate for an excuse to buy one as they are sooooooo gorgeous. My favourite is the Shy violet project - flesh flower.

Enough about hats. Will post some jewellery soon, promise... Just have to get my head round finishing some of the on-going projects, but this horrible, rotten cold is making things very difficult...

Images copyright Terry Graziano, Boring Sidney and Kankalin Hats - used with permission.


  1. Hey Sybille, lovely write-up, thank you!
    Any excuse? i hope that we can all have days when we feel like adorning ourselves just BECAUSE. Be it a pair of pink gloves, a fabolous frock or a hatling. Just to make us smile. Smiling is the greatest excuse!
    thank you again

  2. That is one smart hat! Next time we meet up, I expect to see you in it!

  3. A good excuse = camouflage when taking photos in the garden = you never know when you'd be invited to a garden party = life's too short to worry about needing an excuse lol!

  4. My favourite of the ones you have shown, is the little pink one with the rose, and the green band.
    Had a look at boring sidney, I like the crisp bags!!


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