Friday, June 27, 2008

Oh NO!!! Dragonflies Re-Working...

There was me thinking all was well, and then I started looking through the printouts of the final images and, imagine my despair, the dragonflies had gone all wonky. They had looked okay on screen but not when they were printed out. Sniff. More work....

Spent most of the day re-working the file, especially the background, to make the picture look as good as it possibly could. Here's the final version.


And here are three more images I added to the final selection:

Panier Avec L'Oiseau

Seen here before, but to save you clicking on a link and then the back button... here it is again:

Brand new and never seen before are the next two images. They were inspired by a painting by George Auriol, 1863-1938. George Auriol is the pseudonym of Jean-George Huyot. He was an Art Nouveau artist and designer, one of a group who frequented the Chat Noir or Black Cat Cafe in the Montmartre district of Paris. He came to Paris in 1883 to be a writer and some of his essays were published in Chat Noir; info from Typophile.

Candy Lily

Water Lily

It's a very different style from my normal, more detailed and complex style, however I like it and it was fun to do. The images started with some canvasses I picked up for my newly decorated living room. I decided I wanted to paint - real paint!!! - some pictures in the style of a poster by George Auriol of a bunch of daffodils. I really like the painting and the loose style it's been painted in. I also like the way he incorporates type and the little stamp into the picture. Not sure what the story behind the little stamp is, but it works. :-)

Well, the canvasses are still on the top of the shelf but I managed to draw four designs on the computer, 3 of which are finished, although, one of them I am not quite happy with YET, the other is only in a rough colour stage.

Promise, tomorrow it'll be jewellery again. I've taken pictures of the treasures I bought last weekend and also of the 4 commissions I made in the last week. BUT I am far too exhausted tonight. Too many late nights in front of the computer finalising my images when I wasn't making commissions. So watch this space. :-)

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  1. the reworked stuff looks excellent but what a shame to have to do it all again


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