Saturday, May 03, 2008

A Definite Heart Theme - and some insects!

Here are some creations I prepared earlier ;-)

Fly, Fly Dragonfly Necklace

I have a thing about dragonflies. They are so graceful and pretty, and like the ugly duckling they're not half as pretty when they're little.

I made this one from copper sheet, which I cut to shape, then I filed and sanded it to get rid off the sharp edges and also to add detail to the wings. Next, I had some fun bashing it with some filigree laid over the top of it to create lovely detailed indentations. More filing, since this caused some sharp edges to reappear.

The body is made from hollow square sterling silver tube that I sawed into shape, brushed to create a texture and then wired to the wings with thin copper wire. Finally, I added a 'body' with a vintage butterfly glass bead that is etched with gold. A sterling silver chain finished the necklace.

I could have left it at that as it was pretty, but it wasn't quite pretty enough. So I oxidised the wings slightly using diluted liver of sulphur and a brush. I took off most of the oxidisation except at the wing tips and close to the body, and, of course, it stayed in the indentations. The next step was some verdigris (see previous post for the method), some of which I removed with wire wool and a cotton bud. The final step was some varnish to prevent skin irritations, although, the back of the dragonfly is polished (although that will tarnish over time). I may have to experiment with some superfine glitter to create some iridescence. Yep, it's true, I am a bit obsessed with getting this just right....

Here's the necklace with it's chain:

An image of the pendant:

An image of the wings on the right to show the verdigris and texture:

Finally, the body with the vintage glass butterfly.

Black Butterfly Necklace

This was made in the same way as the Dragonfly necklace above, although the butterfly is of course much smaller and I've used the black vintage flower bead for it's body and black faceted vintage glass beads in the lower half of the necklace. The chain is sterling, the beads are wrapped with thin copper wire.

Here's the whole necklace:

The pendant:

The chain with the beads:

Rose Petal Earrings

I made these earrings when I had a little time before making dinner and just needed to do something creative because the whole day had been filled with things that should have been done yesterday... I am sure you know the kind of day I am talking about.

I created a leaf shape in sterling silver wire, wrapped the beads (red quartz and rose quartz) inside the leaf shapes, and added the swirly ear wires.

I think they turned out really well and they look delicate and the quartz beads are even prettier in real life than they are in the picture.

True Love Necklace

This is such a pretty little necklace. I haven't quite decided if I am going to keep it or if I can bear to let it go.

I started off with the heart shape which I cut out of copper sheet, then bashed into submission with some filigree to get the lovely textures on it. A little filing and sanding on the edges to make sure it was safe to wear.

Next, I created the custom bezel for it and added a little vintage brass heart and a vintage red heart bead - the same bead that I used in the Secret Heart. I made a lovely custom clasp for the necklace and added vintage ruby red faceted beads (round and rondelles) to the chain. Finally, I oxidised the whole necklace, then rubbed off some of the patina again to let the copper shine through. The satin smooth sheen of the copper and the textures I made with the filigree give the heart a look of old embroidered silk.

Here's the pendant in detail:

The pretty vintage chain and beads in detail:

This necklace is not for sale. Sorry. I am keeping it! :-)

Two Hearts Beating As One Necklace

The process for this necklace was similar to the True Love necklace. However, rather than using a readymade vintage charm, I made a wire heart shape of the same size to go with the copper sheet heart. I added three types of different vintage chain, lovely faceted vintage beads in differeent shades of turqoise and the turquoise heart was wired to the end of the chain. The necklace is designed like a lariat, it has no fastening. However I fixed the end with the turquoise heart to the other two hearts so it loops through, this makes the necklace hang better when the necklace is worn. Although there is no clasp, the necklace is long enough to just slip over the head.

The two hearts in detail:

The detail on the copper sheet heart:



  1. What a lot of work went into that dragonfly! But my absolute favourite is the red heart necklace - beautiful, especially the filagree effect.

  2. I love the effect you have achieved on the dragonfly's wings, the verdigiris looks great!
    I also like the pattern on the heart.
    I think the heart necklaces are my favourites.


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