Sunday, May 18, 2008

Magnificient Motorbikes - BMF 2008

We went to the BMF 2008 in Peterborough yesterday. It was good fun, with lots of motorbikes, from all-out super bikes to tatty but well loved vintage bikes. There was lots for the kids to see and do as well, including great shows in the main arena. We didn't stay long enough to watch any of the music acts, but we managed to sit on quite a few bikes, eat some nice food and - despite the rain - enjoy ourselves.

I took some action shots of the three shows we watched. The first set is of the Flying Gunners - a section of the Royal Artillery - similar, I think, to the Red Arrows. We missed the first bit where they did all sort os acrobatic stunts (three men on a bike and that sort of thing) but I managed to take some pictures of them from the rest of the show, which was incredibly cool.

He never drove into that wall, it just looks like he can't possibly miss it on the picture. :-)

This was absolutely amazing. I think he may have been able to clear another car if the conditions had been better!

Here they are, all lined up.

The next show we watched was a Moped Speedway. Which was fun to watch, but probably even more fun to take part in. Here are some of the highlights:

There were a lot fewer crashes than expected, although there was lots of mud and the conditions weren't easy, as you probably can tell looking at the two in the picture above.

He did make it round the chicane....

Nope, that's two guys on two bikes, although it does look like they're centaur-like attached to one another, they're not!

At times it did get quite competitive!

My favourite show was the Vintage Speedway. I love the bikes and the way they drive them round the track is so elegant and, truth be told, very exciting. I'd love to have a go!

This is my favourite picture, I think. I love the dynamic between the three drivers and the way all the bikes are angled.

Here you can see all the smoke during the start and all the dirt flying off behind them!

I wonder how many left boots they get through?

This gives you an idea of how fast they drive and it's very competitive! Shame they don't have smells on the web yet, it's all part of the experience, especially with this kind of speedway.

More speed. Okay, only one more and then I stop boring all you guys who come here to see my jewellery.... The next post will be about jewellery again, promise!

A nice shot (I think) of one of the bikes.

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