Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Pictures From My Garden

Yesterday, when I took pictures of the jewellery (posted yesterday), I also took some snapshots of the flowers in the garden. I have a thing about weeds. Some are just too pretty to rip out, although, of course, they'd take over the garden if I'd let them.

The rest of the day was spent toiling in the allotment- we managed to rotivate half our plot (very late, yes I know!), planted four rows of potatoes, moved some strawberries and dug a little pond for the toads. The idea being that the toads eat all the slugs coming to visit so we'll have some strawberries this year. All this hard work meant I was too tired to post the garden pictures last night. So here they are now. :-) Some of them I've messed around with, but most of them are as they come. In some cases you see the before and after (I've messed around with all those filters in a well known image editing program). ;-)



Ivy Bramble

Sting Nettle

Pink Weed

Not sure what this is - any info welcome.

Image above - altered with filters.



Same image above - altered with filters.

Altered with filters.


Same image as above altered with filters.

False borage?

Again, I am not sure what this is called. The leaves and the smell of the leaves when crushed are similar to borage, as are the blue flowers, but it's not. Does someone know?

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  1. The pink flower is either Rosebay Willowherb or a form of Cranesbill- without seeing the leaves I can't tell, and the blue one is Evergreen Alkanet, a member of the borage family. I'm not that clever, but thanks to my dear departed Mum, I have reference books on virtually everything to do with nature!


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