Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Stargazer Lily Earrings and Lotus Blossom Necklace and Earring Set

Here are the finished Stargazer Lily earrings:

I've added a beautiful vintage (Victorian) opalite to the centre and lovely handmade oxidised copper earwires.

The opalite beads create a beautiful fiery effect on the copper when the sun hits them:

Note: The Stargazer Lily earrings are reserved for Fhiona. :-) However, if you like them, feel free to contact me for a similar pair or keep checking back as I am adding new designs every day.

I really liked the way the opalite looked with the copper so I used it again on the lotus blossom earrings:

I've added the wrapped opalite beads and handmade earwires and jump rings.

Here is the earring in detail:

This shows the front of the lotus blossom - all smooth and satin soft.

This shows the back where I've added lots of texture. The texture adds sparkle when the earrings are worn because the texture reflects the light differently - breaks it up - than the smooth surface on the front.

Here's the matching necklace. I've added oxidised chain, handmade clasp and jump rings and wired tiny crackle quartz and another opalite bead to the front of the flower:

Here's the pendant in detail:

Here you can see the amount of detail work that goes into each piece. The loop attaching the pendant to the main chain has been wire wrapped for a textured look:


  1. So pretty all of it, but my clear favourite is the lotus pendant - I like the double layer with the beads in the centre, lovely.

  2. are those stargazer lilly earrings for sale Toby?-i love them!

  3. sorry Stupid me!!! I clicked on your blog Sybille and absent mindedly was thinking it was Toby's work form natural attrill! hope I didn't offend and only confused you :0)
    Are the earrings for sale?


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