Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Girl with Pea

Sub Title: Working on it
This is another image in my Girl with ... Series. 
Everyone must know by now how much I love fairy tales and how much I hate the way women are depicted in them - unlikely role models for our daughters. The Princess and the Pea seems to be one of the worst of them - I ask you, a girl chosen to be the future queen because she looks pretty after having been out in a storm and because a pea hidden under her mattresses makes her bruise... Hmmm. 
Well, this is her daughter, struck by the same 'pea affliction' she decided she was having none of it, so now she's attempting to desensitise herself by surrounding herself with peas, hoping to cure the disease... 
However this is also an image about mothers and daughters and the need to rebel against your mother and all she stands for - Princess of the Pea's portrait can be seen standing in the corner looking with surprise and disapproval at her daughter's shenanigans.
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  1. Made me smile, Sybille...here's to shenanigans and utterly lovely artwork as well!!!! xo Cait

  2. How incredibly excellent of you! The details of girl with pea are stunning? I really enjoy that look on her face, and the girl in the picture is intriguing! Wonderful, as always, Ms. Sybille!

  3. I always found this a most puzzling fairytale! I like your twist on it - of course she should be loved for more than her sensitive skin!


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