Monday, May 16, 2011

Mermaid's Lullabye - Mobile

This is my latest commission "Mermaid's Lullabye". It has been designed to go into a baby's nursery so the colours are soft and dreamy; the razor clam shells provide the mobile with a lovely sound and the mirrors add sparkle. It will go to Sue at Studio Window tomorrow.

If you want your own, use the contact button on the right-hand side to send me an e-mail. I don't bite!


  1. That's so pretty - Sue is going to be so pleased! I like the title too. x

  2. I like this so much...I'm very glad I own one or I'd be green with jealousy!

  3. I have one of Sybille's mobiles up in the lounge window, it looks fab and gets so many admiring comments. I love the sparkles and textures. My daughter-in-law saw it and wanted something similar for the nursery of her coming baby, I've just shown her the photo of Mermaid's lullaby and she can't wait to see it!

    Well done and thanks to you, Sybille! :-))


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