Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Mobile - Captain Jack

This is my latest mobile. The wonderful Sue sent me a massive parcel of driftwood. I was dying to make something with it and on Saturday I made my first (mostly) driftwood mobile. Whilst I was making it, my son was watching Pirates of the Caribbean... and when it was finished (the mobile) it reminded me of Captain Jack - the beads in his hair, a little rough around the edges, suprising, butch and charming all at the same time... and a little scary. :-)

I've used lots of different beads, shells, driftwood, seaglass and hemp to put  it all together, hours of stringing and a little crochet. Oh, and there's a little aluminium wire to hold the beads at the top in place. 

If you like this... just contact me. It's for sale and I'd love to see it go to a good home. :-)


  1. Lol, I wondered how you would deal with a driftwood-only mobile! It's fab, Sybille, reminds me of a piece of fishing net that's caught up a mixture of detritis and jewels. Lovely! Love the name, too.

    What next, I wonder? ;-)

  2. This is so brilliant - but I really do not have any more wall space so must remain un-tempted! I love the fish net effect & the name is perfect too.


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