Monday, April 04, 2011

Yasammez - Lady Porcupine - Photo Manipulation

An image inspired by Tad Williams' Shadowmarch series.
Yasammez is the war leader of the Twilight People (fairies, Qar). I was so taken with her description and personality. There's something tragic about her as well as something strong and forceful as well as an underlying sence of justice and revenge.  In the story she is described as wearing armour with long porcupine quills, and beautiful but deadly. The armour isn't quite what I had in mind but I am nonetheless pleased with the way it all works together.

This image involved a lot of drawing to get the colours and feel I was after. I wanted something that is slightly alien and magical but still allowed the viewer to make a connection.

Backgrounds and Textures
All other images/textures/stock/brushes my own.


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  1. This is very cool - I'm going to have to read the books now!


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