Saturday, April 16, 2011

Girl With Hummingbird (Photo Manipulation)

Sub Title: The Betrayal

I think I might need to explain the sub title. This image - although very pretty and seductive is actually about the way we 'deal' with beauty. It's more often than not something we use and abuse rather than just admire. The flowers (my own pictures of cherryblossom) symbolise the lure whereas the hummingbird symbolises, the 'vampires' that feed on the beauty. Of course beauty isn't always seen this way, but open a magazine or watch the ads on TV and you know exactly what I mean.... In part it was inspired by Madame Butterfly, a tragic opera by Puccini about a geisha abandoned by her American lover, hence the slightly 'oriental' feel.

Model 1
Backgrounds and Textures
 All other images/textures/stock/brushes my own.


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  1. I interpreted this in a different way, as in 'a little bird told me' which usually precurses something you don't want to hear. Although perhaps that leads us back to Madame Buttefly...
    A definite Oriental look to this - I like it!


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