Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Rare Purple Spotted Baby Owl (in Felt)

The purple spotted owl is thought to be extinct. Only a very few eye witness accounts exist, which I have been scouring the internet for to get enough information to re-create the beautiful rare creature in felt. According to lore they are extremely fierce in protecting their own and take a mate for life.

Here it is for you to see.... The first of my new 'Rare Creatures' collection.

Rare Purple Spotted Owl

From the front.

From the back.

His cute little face.

His tummy and claws. Each claw has been needle felted separately and then needle felted onto his feet.

His lovely feathery wings with lots of spots...

And, finally, his bottom with tail and the special little heart each of the Rare Creatures in the collection will have somewhere.

The little critter is 10cm (4") tall and totally cuddly and sweet. He has been stuffed with banana silk throw waste (Charka) and has been made for my son Ben who loves it to bits. :-) However, if you would like one like it, let me know and I see what I can do.

There will be more in the collection - I have already planned a Zombie Fairy Cat and the Midnight Lizard. So watch this space. :-)

If you have heard of a rare creature you'd like to tell me about, feel free, I am always happy to discover new rare creatures. :-)


  1. Another string to your bow! I cant wait to see the rest of your collection, esp the lizard. Happy felting Sybille!

  2. looking forward to seeing the other weird creatures. Great idea!

  3. He's so cute - love those fluffy wings! Interested to see what's next....

  4. I love him, he's so cute!I look forward to seeing the rest! x April


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