Thursday, September 25, 2008

Mysterious Insect - not so mysterious anymore

I have absolutely no idea what this insect is. At first I thought it was a leaf that had been blown in and got stuck to the panelled wall, however then I realised it was some sort of insect.

How cool is this? Nature does create the weirdest things.

This is a rather ghostly image of the same insect. Not quite sure what happened. The first image was taken without a flash, the second with a flash. I thought the ghostly reflections looked really interesting. :-)

Carole B. from Louisana (but originally from Norfolk) sent me an e-mail to let me know that the insect was in fact a Plume Moth, which apparently are quite common around here. Carole also told me of a great article about the Plume Moth in which it also states that the larvae grow on bindweed. Since there's a lot of bindweed right outside my back door... another mystery explained thanks to Carole. :-)


  1. ARGGHHHHH!!!!!.........

    and again.......


    Cap'n....I ain't never seen anything like that before.....I think its the start of a tiny alien invasion....GET OUT WHILST YOU CAN!!!!!


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