Thursday, September 11, 2008

Felting Frenzy - Cat, Penguin, and African Tribal Brooch

Here are some of my new felt creations:

I am really enjoying this needle felting lark - my creative voodoo! :-)

Here's a little cat I made. One of my first ones - made a while back, but I kept forgetting to take a photo of it.

Here's the tail in detail. I know, I know it's green, but I didn't have any brown or cream or grey, so green it was. :-)

This is the famous zebra brooch, but when it was finished it looked nothing like a zebra, but African/tribal instead. I still like it.

As you can see I used wooden beads: rondelles, round ebony beads, carved beads and a lovely carved bone bead in the centre.

This is the brooch from the back. The round brooch back works really well.

Here's my latest creation: a penguin for Steve based on the Linux logo penguin. Doesn't look quite the same. When it was finished I decided it needed some spikes on top of its head - a bit like a Rockhopper penguin. :-)

Here's the face in detail:


  1. Some amazing work there- i love the punk linux penguin =}

  2. Cute little, one of those with a brooch back would be just right!

  3. Penguin's great! he is my favourite as well, what a fun little character.


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